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Multiplication Math Games is a free, interactive app designed to make learning multiplication and division an enjoyable adventure for kids of all ages. Featuring nine diverse games and exercises, this app offers a creative and fun learning platform to solidify the basics of multiplication from the ground up.
Rocket Jump is a platform game that requires concentration and composure. Your goal is to get as high as possible, avoiding spikes and various obstacles. Think carefully about your next move, any mistake can cost you a lot. The higher you are, the further you can fall.
Fill Fields is a kind of super enganging and amazing puzzle game. Swipe your finger to move the block and fill all the fields.
Endless Path is an arcade game to test your reflex and patient. We have to move along a designated path, avoiding touching the border of the path.
Slide Block is a kind of super engaging puzzle game. Move all the blocks to the right place and try to beat the next level.
Island of Riddles is an exploration adventure game set on an island. Wander and discover the secret workings puzzle and solve everyone puzzles. Your goal is to solve all puzzles and get out of the island.
About Me

My name is Sebastian and I am a 23-year-old computer science student by day and an independent game and app developer by night from Poland. Over 3 years ago, I changed my hobby from gamer to game developer. So far, I've released three mobile games and one PC game that I made at the beginning of my career. To me, developing games and programing is my greatest passion, so I spend most of my free time on it.
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